Videography, Photography, Motorcycle

Jamie Robinson reached out to see if I'd film his adventures in Sardinia, Italy. He was invited by Duacti to review their new Ducati Multistrada 1200 Enduro. Sardinia is known for enduro racing. After filming the Ducati review, we set off to film an off-roading adventure on Husqvarnas. Jamie is an ex-MotoGP and Isle of Mann TT racer. There was no shortage of adventure on this trip.

My role was to film almost all the footage that would be used in his Ducati Multistrada review video for his channel, MotoGeo. I also filmed almost the entirety of his MotoGeo video, "Sardinia". I was also tasked with taking photos to document the adventure.

Project produced at MotoGeo
Review: Ducati